BAC Apprentice Training Center Local #1 MN/ND


By: Amanda Pedersen

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Course Description:

 This 16_-hour course is designed to prepare the BAC craftworker to read and interpret construction drawings. During this course, the BAC craftworker will learn how to identify types of drawings; read lines and symbols on drawings; identify views of drawings; interpret information in drawing title blocks, notes and specifications; read actual construction drawings; and describe the use of technology to read and use drawings on a construction site.

 Course Objectives:  

 After completing this course, the BAC craftworker will be able to:

Supervisor Certification Program is a 16-hour course designed to develop skilled foreman in the Masonry Trades. Through this course participants will learn how to communicate effectively, apply leadership skill, develop effective teams, and support worker motivation. Participants will also learn how to maintain labor-management relations, plan and schedule work, how to ensure worker safety, productivity and quality of work.

These skills will be taught through written material, group interaction and working as teams.


In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and to answer some questions on how we are going to approach the apprenticeship training we are following the best available advice from the CDC, MN OSHA and CPWR. All apprentices and staff’s safety is of utmost importance as we approach how we are managing our training.