Did you know that only FOUR college graduates out of every 100 end up making more money than a skilled union craftworker? To learn how you can make the most of a career using your hands, your heart and your head, check out the BAC crafts.

Everyone knows there is a growing need for highly-skilled craftworkers, and everyone also knows the most-skilled are rapidly reaching retirement age. That's why BAC Local Union 1 Minnesota/North Dakota has taken a proactive stance with its Apprenticeship Training Programs.

Now, not only are training opportunities available for apprentices in brick, block, stone, ceramic tile, and masonry restoration; journey-level upgrade programs are also planned. The pre-job class is designed to jump-start your entry to the apprentice program it is offered for beginning bricklayer students in the summer.

Check out the upcoming class offerings in the related links, and for more information, or to arrange an interview, call 651-487-5500