Regional Apprentice Contests!

On April 30th, the Training Center hosted our local apprenticeship contest. Four apprentices earned the opportunity to compete in the upcoming regional contests. On June 11th, the North Central Regional Apprentice Contest for Pointer-Cleaner-Caulkers was hosted at the Southern Ohio-Kentucky Regional Training Center in Batavia, OH. On June 18th, the Bricklayers' Regional Apprentice Contest was hosted at the District Council Training Center in Addison, IL.

MN/ND Local 1 was represented with craftsmanship, professionalism, and pride by third-year PCC apprentices Greyson Cunningham and Joel Aaser and first-year brick apprentices Keenan Carlson and Riley Strate.

Congratulations to all our apprentice competitors who brought their best effort and did exceptional work; we are very proud of their representation!

Join us in wishing Riley Strate good luck as he moves forward to the Nationals in September!