Pre-Apprenticeship Completed

On July 15, this year’s final pre-apprenticeship session ended. Many pre-apprentices come to this program with little or no knowledge of the trade, or construction industry, and we teach them the basics to begin to grow a career. They’ve spent the last six weeks working hard, both physically and mentally, to learn the very basics of what it takes to become a bricklayer or restoration specialist. They’ve handled and stacked units, spent time manipulating their trowels to spread mortar for both block and brick, they’ve built leads, read levels and tape measures, and laid brick and block to a line as a team. All these tasks were completely new to them, and we’re proud of the growth they’ve made in this short time. Congratulations to our eight newest apprentices: Trevion, Brent, Lilyanna, Cameron, Travis, Matt, Carmello, and Will!