Pre Apprenticeship Program June 6th 2022

The six-week pre apprenticeship is a competency based, self-paced training program. Each of the six unit’s are approximately one week. Each unit contains a combination of hands on mock-ups and related classroom instruction. The related classroom instruction is designed to support the disciplines that are covered in the hands-on portion of the training.This includes in part or whole trade/skills, trade math, safety training, basic layouts, job professionalism, trade history and labor-management relations.
This outline is the minimum trade disciplines and related training that are needed to complete the program. Alternate material is included for those who are ready and able to go beyond the minimum, including cross training in the area of PCC.
You will be required to pass the Performance Assessment Reports as well as maintain an average of 75% on all written exams to pass this course and qualify for a recommendation to our signatory contractors.

We are also offering a shorter pre apprenticeship for those interested in beginning a career as a tile finisher. 

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