The International Apprentice Contest

The International Apprentice Contest took place on September 23-24 in Boston, Mass. Seventy-five of the top apprentices in the International Union competed to earn the title of International Craft Champion in the following crafts: brick, pointing-cleaning-caulking, stone, tile, marble, terrazzo, cement, and plaster.

“Winning this competition is a capstone to any apprentice’s career,” said Tim Driscoll, President of the International Union of Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers. “The passion, preparedness, and persistence that make our members the best hands in the business were on full display at this year’s competition.”

Keanan Carlson and Riley Strate represented Local 1, their contractors, our trade, and most importantly, themselves with pride, craftsmanship, and professionalism in this competition. We are incredibly proud of our two apprentices; they brought their best effort, did excellent work, and had fun doing so! They both are outstanding young men who have bright futures in our industry!

Congratulations to the winners of the 2022 BAC/IMI International Apprentice Contest:

First Place: Garrick Manning – Ohio-Kentucky ADC 
Second Place: Kurtis Sutter – Ohio-Kentucky ADC 
Third Place: Joseph Cosman – Local 1 Connecticut

First Place: Donald Murray III - Ohio-Kentucky ADC
Second Place: Francisco Ramirez Esparza – ADC 1 of Illinois
Third Place: Jakub Bialas – Local 1 New York

First Place: Sebastian Tomaszewski – Local 1 New York
Second Place: Jorge Soriano – Local 1 Pennsylvania/Delaware
Third Place: Jeremy Bercier – Local 1 Oregon/Washington/Idaho/Montana

First Place: Zhenyong Lin – Local 3 California
Second Place: Edwin Rosado – ADC 1 of Illinois
Third Place: Gregory Gartner – Local 1 Pennsylvania/Delaware

First Place: Mason Steed – Local 3 California
Second Place: Angel Diaz Hernandez – Local 1 Maryland, Virginia and District of Columbia
Third Place: Julian Valencia – Local 7 New York & New Jersey

First Place: Brian Dohring – Local 3 California
Second Place: Nick Hardwick – ADC OF EASTERN MISSOURI
Third Place: Arturo Banda – ADC 1 of Illinois

First Place:  John Fogarty - Local 3 New York
Second Place: Travis Probst - Wisconsin District Council
Third Place: Stephen Kocik - Local 3 New York

First Place: Luis Padron – ADC 1 of Illinois
Second Place: Salvador Vargas – ADC 1 of Illinois
Third Place: Cameron Holder – Local 1 New York