Life of an Apprentice

What is Apprenticeship? – Apprenticeship is an alternative path to education after high school.

The Minnesota North Dakota Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers Training Center is the starting point for a rewarding career in Brick, PCC (Restoration), Tile, and Terrazzo.  Interested candidates can choose the career that best fits them.

Apprenticeship education is accomplished though two means which are linked together Related Training and OJT.

Related Training:  Each week of the school year, Apprentices attend related training classes at BAC Training Center.  They receive 4 hours of training per class.  They need a total of 144 related training hours per school year.

OJT Hours:  OJT stands for On the Job Training Hours.  These are the hours that the apprentices are working out in the field.  Each month Zenith will send the administrator a report with all apprentices’ OJT hours.

Each trade has their own training and OJT hour requirements.  

 Waiting on Hours:  After an apprentice completes their related training, they are marked as “Waiting on Hours”.  This means that they are still working to reach their OJT hour requirement, but they are not attending classes because they have completed all their related training (classroom hours).


Joey is a bricklayer who just finished his 3rd year of related training.  His TMS records show that he has 432 elated training hours and 4,300 OJT hours.

In this situation, Joey is “Waiting on Hours” because he has finished all his classroom related training, but still must work 1,700 more hours to become a journeyworker.

Once Joey works all his 6,000 hours, a wage increase for 100% needs to be sent to his contractor and then his journeyworker form needs to be sent to the hall.  Apprentices also need to complete their safety certifications: First Aid, CPR, and OSHA 30.

TILE LAYER/SETTER 288 4000 (Before May 2016= 6000)
PCC 432 4500
TERRAZZO 288 4000

Sources: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, O*Net OnLine

NOTE: Annual PCC & Terrazzo Related Training is done for 18 days for 8 hours a day January and February. 18 days X 8 hours = 144 Hours

Terrazzo Journeyman Finisher Procedure/Notes from Agreements/Standards:

In the agreement it states that: “To become a Journeyman Finisher, he must have his Terrazzo Finisher Qualifications form filled out and signed by two (2) Finishers he has worked with for at least 300 hours each, and he just obtain a signature from an Employer principle where he has worked at least 300 hours.  All signatures shall attest that the apprentice is a fully qualified Finisher and that he can perform in a quality manner all the Finisher tasks.

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