Frequently Asked Questions for Current Apprentices

  1. Go to the Apprentice Portal here. Log in or create an account.
  2. Click on My Time Cards. Then click on Add New Timesheet.
  3. Enter the hours that you worked for that month. Provide your best estimate.
  4. Lastly, click on Submit for Approval.
 Click here for a step-by-step instruction video.
The Apprentice Portal is an easy way to track and view your On The Job (OJT) hours in real time. It is required for apprentices to allocate their OJT hours every month in order to receive timely wage increases.

Apprentices receive systematic wage increases per their agreements.

Brick: Every 2,000 Hours.
Tile Finisher: Every 1,000 Hours.
Tile Layer: Every 2,000 Hours.
PCC: Every 1,500 Hours.
Terrazzo: Every 1,000 Hours.

How to receive a raise:

1. Allocate all of your hours on the Apprentice Portal.
2. Please notify the office administrator that you are due for a raise. Email admin@bactraining.org or call 763-404-8345.
3. Your raise will then be approved by your coordinator and sent to your contractor. You will be notified via text or email when your raise is approved.
For more information, visit the BAC Local #1 wage addendums.
Metro, Northeast, and Southeast Brick and Tile Apprentices
Classes are once a week for each trade. Please subscribe to our website calendar and stay tuned for further updates. (PCC and Terrazzo Training is in January or February for 18 days. M-F, 7am-3:30pm.)
Outstate MN/ND Apprentices
Class schedules typically align with Union Meetings. Please contact your apprenticeship coordinator David Malone for further information. dmalone@bactraining.org or 218-639-4011.
You must attend your assigned class every week (for all Metro, Northeast, and Southeast Brick and Tile apprentices). If you do not attend your class, you are required to attend one day in addition to your regularly scheduled class. Failure to make-up missed classes may result in being dropped from the Apprenticeship Program. Metro PCC and Terrazzo Apprentice attendance will be held in January or February for a total of 18 days. Daily attendance is mandatory, M-F, 7:00am-3:30pm. For more information, see the Attendance Policy in your Apprentice Handbook. If you do not have an Apprentice Handbook, please request an electronic version from the Office Administrator by emailing admin@bactraining.org
Please alert your instructors or the Training Center by calling the Attendance Hotline 763-404-8346. Follow the prompts and leave a voicemail for your instructor. If you know you are going to be absent ahead of time, please communicate this to your coordinator as soon as possible.
Please inform the Training Center by calling 763-404-8345 or email admin@bactraining.org Also inform Zenith: 800-879-4412 or zenithmn@zenith-american.com
Notify your employer immediately. Then ask your apprenticeship coordinator about the injured apprentice fund.
Ask them to fill out an application on our website here. If your friend/family member has experience in Bricklaying or Tile laying, then contact an Apprenticeship Coordinator for further consideration.
Masonry Coordinator: John Slama
Phone: 651-272-9910 Email: jslama@bactraining.org
Tile Coordinator: Jayson Moore
Phone: 612-380-2633 Email: jmoore@bactraining.org
Outstate Masonry Coordinator: David Malone
Phone: 218-535-5275 Email: dmalone@bactraining.org
If you are dropped as an apprentice, you will still be part of the Union, but you will be an Improver. As an Improver your dues will increase to $29.00/month and you will be charged an initiation fee of $200. You will need to work 10,000 OJT hours to receive your journeyworker card. Wage increases will be given at your employer’s discretion. For further information about becoming an Improver, contact the BAC Local #1 Union Hall: 612-379-2966 or your Business Agent. Or visit their website: https://www.bac1mn-nd.org/
You must fulfill all the required OJT hours and Related Training hours required of your apprenticeship. Additionally, you must complete First Aid, CPR, and OSHA 30. Please contact the Training Center when you have fulfilled all your training.
On the Job (OJT) and Related Training Hours required for journeyworker status:
• Brick: 6,000 OJT Hrs, 432 Related Training Hrs
• Tile Finisher: 4,000 OJT Hrs, 288 Related Training Hrs
• Tile Layer/Setter: 4,000 OJT Hrs, 288 Related Training Hrs
• PCC: 4,500 OJT Hrs, 432 Related Training Hrs
• Terrazzo Finisher: 4,000 OJT Hrs, 288 Related Training Hrs
All OJT hours must be allocated on the Apprentice Portal.
Please contact the BAC Local #1 Union Hall for more information about the vacation fund check. 612-379-2966
If you are laid off, please contact the BAC Local #1: 612-379-2966 and ask to be put on their “Out of Work” list. You are still required to attend Related Training classes.
In the event of inclement weather, we will text you of class cancellations or schedule changes.
After you meet with a business agent to sign your apprenticeship paperwork, please contact your respective trade coordinator.
Metro Brick/PCC: John Slama
Metro/Northeast/Southeast Tile: Jayson Moore
Northeast/Southeast/Outstate Brick: David Malone